Personal Data Protection

There is no industry or individual that has not been affected by today’s information economy. The capacity to process personal data of all kinds – be it employee files, financial records, customer data, medical information etc. – has enabled businesses to develop business concepts that were impossible to imagine just a decade ago. This also creates new security and compliance risks for companies.

The technological developments and series of breaches and misuse of sensitive personal information has prompted robust regulatory actions around the world, which are epitomized by the famous GDPR. The Republic of North Macedonia has fully adopted the text of the GDPR in the form a new Law on Personal Data Protection, which was adopted and came into force in February 2020. The most important related by-laws were enacted in the middle of May 2020; however, the practical implementation of the Law and by-laws remains to be seen.
However, none of these laws and regulations are permanent or uniformly applicable. Privacy regulation will continue to be in a constant flux, due to evolving rules, various practices in different jurisdictions and unpredictable interpretations of data protection agencies. Without the proper and constant legal assistance, even the most conscientious enterprise can make a false step as it obtains, uses, transfers, and discloses personal information. The legal consequences are severe and include heavy fines, injunctions, government audits, and even criminal liability. The reputational risks are enormous and include negative media attention, loss of consumer trust and confidence.

At our office in Skopje you can find cutting edge advice and support for all matter related to cyber security and personal data protection in the Republic of North Macedonia. Our expertise in the local and European data protection regulation and practices (both pre- and post-GDPR) is supplemented by our understanding of the workings of computer systems, computer security, and computer networks, which is a rare trait for lawyers. Our skills come for daily support of one major IT company in the state, the experience of advising financial companies, media houses, online shops and medical institutions, as well as the relentless effort to stay on top of the field, in terms of legislation, practices and technology.

You can turn to us for reviewing existing or creating new internal privacy and data security policies and practices, giving compliance assessment for your business models, supporting you in privacy related claims and disputes, representing you in front of the data protection agency, advising you on marketing policies, cyber security aspects of cloud computing and data transfer to foreign countries.

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