Debt Collection

Unfortunately, debt collection legal services are one of the most requested in Republic of North Macedonia. These services are applicable in special types of disputes, where aside from the fact that the debtor simply refuses to pay, there is no real material dispute. Sometimes malicious debtors are not paying their debt because they are hoping that the creditor will never reach towards legal action to collect its debt. This is especially true, when the creditor is a foreign entity, to whom the local system is unfamiliar and there is a perception that the legal costs will too high. Our office in Skopje can support you in such situations. Our first step is to find the debtor, inform him that the creditor has a local representative and confront him with the costs and risks of not paying. If the debtor still refuses to pay, we make a cost-benefit analyze, whether it is worth to resort to legal actions in front of Macedonian institutions. Only if this analyzes provides beneficial results, we advise the client to pursue the debtor further. This approach guarantees either fast success or avoidance of unnecessary cost.

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