Contracts and Negotiations

We believe that any business or private relationship ought to be built upon a solid and well negotiated contract. An inconsistently and ambiguously written contract leaves an open door to disputes, even when the parties have the best of intentions. Omitting to notice potential subtle points or implied meanings, can lead to big costs down the road.

Our office in Skopje is experienced in drafting contracts that provide a framework for good relationships, regardless if this is a business cooperation agreement, corporate agreements, financing and security (pledge/mortgage) agreements, sales of goods or services agreement, sample contracts, IP or know-how transfer agreement, property related agreement, general terms and conditions, or out of court settlements. In cooperation with the counterparty’s contract lawyer, we seek to create a “road map of the relationship”, which regulates the rights and obligations in a clear and precise manner.

A client can also use our assistance in negative scenarios such as when a Macedonian law governed contract is being terminated or breached. In such cases, we draft and serve breach of contract letters and demand letters, we calculate potential breach of contract claims and damages, and we prepare for defense by calculating the risks, gathering evidence and setting the stage for a potential dispute resolution procedure.

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