Dispute Resolution

Our office in Skopje helps clients make well-informed decisions from the very onset of a dispute in Republic of North Macedonia all the way to its final resolution. We have experience in all kinds of civil and commercial litigation, as well as in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as arbitration and mediation.

What separates us from other litigation lawyers in Macedonia is our eclectic approach to dispute resolution strategy. This means that we are strongly dedicated to getting to know all the relevant circumstances of the case, the regulation, the motives and mindset of the opposing parties, all while having the business, reputation and personal interests of our clients in mind.

The first step we take when approaching any dispute is to make an all-around analysis of a client’s position in the dispute and an assessment of the potential outcomes of the dispute. This enables us to create strong pre-trial position, effective case management and a above all a position to always offer a creative way for prompt and satisfactory results.

For us disputing a case in front of a court is always a last resort measure. Mutually accepted solutions, which effectively reduce risks, costs and stress are always preferred.

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