Compliance and Regulatory

Both general and sector specific regulations are constantly becoming more complicated and complex. While companies struggle to comply with the evolving legal environment, the culture of transparency grows, making the costs of non-compliance to consist not only of administrative penalties, but also of losing reputation in front of consumers and costumers.

Our office in Skopje offers extensive knowledge of Macedonian legislation and pursues good communication with Macedonian oversight agencies and regulatory bodies. This enables us to support our clients effectively and creatively in particular transactions or day-to-day operations. In doing this we try to move away from the typical rigidity of lawyers and approach the clients with sophisticated pro-business strategies. Our key aim to help clients comply with the applicable regulations in a manner that enables them to achieve their business goals with confidence and flexibility.

We have extensive experience in generally applicable regulations, such as consumer protection, environmental law, anti-money laundering regulation, competition, etc. Also, we have experience in certain sector specific regulation, such as microfinancing services, gambling, investment funds sector, food industry, chemical industry, energy and insurance.

Our area of special expertise is in the field of personal data protection regulation in Macedonia. We follow regularly developments on personal data protection in Macedonia and abroad, especially the European GDPR and its implementation. We strive to be the top choice, when lawyer for personal data protection in Macedonia is in question.

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