Licensing and PPP

Based on the argument that it is protecting public interests or sovereign rights, the modern state restricts entrance of private investment in certain sectors of the economy – such as gambling, health care, finance, infrastructure, energy, armaments, etc. – or the exploitation of certain resources – water, minerals and agricultural land.

Getting the necessary governmental licenses or approvals is sometimes a very tedious experience. However, the process can be facilitated by a local lawyer, which has an insight into the rules, practices and decision makers’ mentalities. Our office in Skopje is equipped and experienced in assisting clients to get the necessary licenses and approvals for entering into specific industries in Macedonia.

Also, we support clients into the procedure of concession agreements and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Macedonia. These forms of co-opting the private sector in to the public sector have become more and more popular, as both central and local governments are struggling to do more with less and increases income. However, this is always tricky and demands a well calibrated approach to financing, real estate, public procurement and operational issues, as well as approval from a host of authorities.

We have an especially strong background and well-established communication with relevant authorities in businesses related to micro-financing, energy and medical products. Our clients can also rely on our knowledge of the Macedonian construction law, environmental, health care law, finance law and energy law.

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