MILESTONE: Our office successfully concludes a trademark recognition procedure in New Zealand.

After a successfully concluded EU-wide trademark recognition procedure earlier this year, Boshnjakovski Law Office hits another milestone in its intellectual property practice. This time we assisted a client with the recognition of its trademark in front of the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ).

This December, Boshnjakovski Law Office successfully assisted an local software development company in the procedure for recognition of its trademark in New Zealand. The trademark was initially registered in the State Office of Industrial Property of the Republic of North Macedonia. The brand protected with the trademark is a software product applicable in the healthcare industry.

The conclusion of this procedure is especially important to us since it comes after an initial provisional refusal of recognition. Namely, the IPONZ challenged our recognition application based on the argument that certain figurative elements contained in the TM are be prohibited by the Geneva Conventions Act of 1958. However, after incorporating certain amendments and conditions in the application we were able to overcome this provisional refusal and successfully conclude the process. Now the TM is recognized as initially intended: without any changes in its content, forms or colors.

The trademark owner can now expand its business in New Zealand with confidence that its IP rights are protected. Equally important, the owner can rest assured that it will not breach any third-party intellectual property rights by marketing the software products under its brand.

The recognition in New Zealand is just one part of a much broader global trademark registration strategy, which Boshnjakovski Law Office developed and now executes on behalf of the client. Before New Zealand, we were also successful in the EU and we are looking forward to positive outcomes in the US, Canada, Australia and Singapore.

We firmly believe that the true wealth of the contemporary world is not in material resources, but in proven brands, creative ideas and knowledge. With this in mind we will continue assisting our clients to protect their valuable intellectual property – copyrights, trademarks, designs and patents.

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