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Boshnjakovski Law Office offers an all-encompassing IP protection strategy to designers, brands, inventors, authors, entrepreneurs, media, entertainers etc. Our team offers fast tailor-made solutions for the IP structures of our clients, to enable them to protect, manage, and market their IP in the most efficient and productive manner.
We have experience in servicing the Intellectual Property needs of leading pharmaceutical brands present in the state, internet media houses, IT-companies and individual artists and creators. You can use our services at any point of the registration, acquisition, commercialization, and enforcement of your Intellectual Property in the Republic of North Macedonia.
Regarding industrial property, we can assist you with your patents, trademarks, industrial design, and geographical indications. We also have a strong practice regarding domain names abuse in Macedonia.
Regarding copy right, we can assist you in protecting your authorship rights for any creative endeavor you have made, be it in film, music, writing act. We also have a strong practice regarding protection and enforcement of copyright protecting software, computer programs, data basis and similar.

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