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The Republic of North Macedonia shares deep economic and interpersonal ties with Austria and Germany. This is exemplified by the fact that Germany is the biggest trading partner of our state. Additionally, many Austrian and German companies establish a local presence, in the form of big corporate investments – in the banking, insurance, construction, telecommunications, auto part industries – or Mittelstand investments in agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing. This intensity of relations necessitates a comparative law approach by a German speaking lawyer in Macedonia, who is well familiar with the legal systems and the societies of these jurisdictions.

Our office in Skopje strives to be a leader in providing legal services to German and Austrian clients. Aside from the expertise in the relevant regulation, we have a solid understanding of the legal systems, institutes and terminology coming from Germany and Austria. In our office in Skopje, these clients can find a German speaking lawyer who gives a comprehensive service and is capable of explaining Macedonian legal concepts through the lenses of the Austrian and German legal systems.

Our goal is to make the Austrian and German clients feel at home in the Republic of North Macedonia. If you need a German speaking lawyer in Republic of North Macedonia, we would be happy to assist

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