This November Mr. Boshnjakovski presented his opinion on certain aspects of recognition and enforcement of foreign courts decisions in Macedonia in front of the Hight Court in London.

City of London

This November Mr. Boshnjakovski orally presented his legal opinion regarding certain aspects of aspects of recognition and enforcement of foreign courts decisions in the Republic of North Macedonia in front of the High Court in London.

This oral presentation was preceded by the preparation and submission of a written legal report. The written report consisted of an analysis of domestic regulation on the subject matter, as well as issues from the filed of international private law. It mostly concentrated on the conditions and process for recognition of foreign court decisions.

In preparing the best possible report Boshnjakovski Law Office scrutinized the domestic regulation. However, knowing that no serious legal opinion can omit the practical applicability of legal rules, our office also reviewed more than 400 domestic court decision that deal with the topic of recognition of foreign court decisions. Finally, we took the time to include the perspectives of judiciary and jurisprudence by conducting an interview with one basic court judge and a professor at the University of St. Cyril and Methodius.

Boshnjakovski Law Office will continue to assist clients with legal mandates that include foreign elements of any type.

Note: The details of the case have intentionally been omitted in order to comply with the applicable confidentiality standards.

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