About Us

Mission statement
At our law office in Skopje, we strive not only towards a profound insight into the domestic law and legal practices, but also towards a strong grasp of the latest global legal issues, management techniques, technological advancements and skills necessary to facilitate productive relationships. This combination of practices and methods, together with the nurturing of traditional lawyer skills and dynamic thinking, enables us to offer comprehensive and tailor-made legal services to domestic and foreign clients. By protecting our client’s interests in an effective and efficient manner, we are dedicated to making the client’s encounter with the legal system as pleasant as possible.


Meet the Founder

Vladimir Boshnjakovski is a part of a new generation of Macedonian lawyers, which had the benefit to start their careers in an internationalized environment and in already established law offices. In the past ten years, Vladimir has been developing his knowledge and skills in serving the legal interest of domestic and foreign businesses. Therefore, understanding contemporary regulatory developments, international business practices and new technologies come naturally to him. Clients can rely on him about dispute resolution regarding civil and commercial matters involving an international element, corporate structuring, contract negotiations and administrative and licensing procedures. Specific areas of expertise for Vladimir are personal data protection, micro financing and energy law. He is proficient in English, German and Russian.

CEO & Founder of Boshnjakovski Law Office